Sky TV Mk2

I have finally bitten the bullet and cancelled our subscription - £45 a month just to watch Game of Thrones and Westworld couldn't be justified... Both series are good, really good - but not £45 a month good! Now we have decent (ish) internet I will investigate much cheaper streaming technology to watch stuff like … Continue reading Sky TV Mk2


I wrote a month ago (give or take) about an incident when I split a tyre on a rock whilst driving home with my Dad in the car.... The bill came recently and I paid it this afternoon - The same wheel suffered the same fate about 2 hours later as my wife was driving … Continue reading Tyres!!


We are long time customers and it really naffs me off how much we get charged for a basic package without sport or films. Its currently £45 ish a month! I'm seriously considering ditching them altogether now we have pretty passable broadband speeds and using a Freesat box/recorder alongside a media box loaded with Kodi … Continue reading Sky!!

Well Hello There!

Just signed up to WordPress to try my hand at keeping an infrequent and irregular blog on anything and everything that delights, interests and annoys me as I trundle through my daily stuff. I can't guarantee it will be interesting, but its an outlet!